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7 Types of Custom Iron On Patches

Embroidery Patch

Woven Patch

Printed Patch

Chenille Patch

PVC Patch

Leather Patch

Bullion Patch

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Verified Reviewer

2 days ago
Great quality product at the best price!

Wow! This is definitely the custom made iron on patches I've been looking for! Alsa was very helpful during the design and ordering process. Highly recommend!

Georgia M.

5 days ago
Great Patches!

Love the patches!! Because I provide my own artwork for customization, wearing these in the field i've never ever seen someone else with the same one!!!! Its uniaue and great quality for the price so if you're thinking about it I reccomend highly!

Kenneth B.

9 days ago

Excellent high quality patches. It's the first order I placed and so far I'm happy. Good quality material and excellent print. I've since ordered more from this seller.

Ron J.

11 days ago
Brilliant Custom services

Customer service was very helpful with the artwork for the patch. We went through about six versions before reaching the final product and they were great on every version.

Leopold P.

13 days ago
Love them, great for my projec

I customized these leather patches to dress up my shirts and bags. I ironed some on my favorite purse today, which is a soft leather, was scuffed down to the material. They stuck perfectly and I didn't scorch by purse!!

Polly J.

17 days ago
Very pretty!!!

I have to say, their patch quality is very good and the goods were delivered well ahead of my expected delivery time! Great price, great shipping and great results!

Quincy B.

20 days ago
Artistic. High quality

I quilt, but I'm no pro. I use decorative iron on patches whenever I find a mistake after I have quilted and binded. I iron on but to make sure it stays I will sew around the edges as well. Love them and will buy again.

Letitia M.

22 days ago
Fast shipping and good quality.

I liked that it was delivered quick and I design the patches as a way to honor a Marine Corps veteran, my brother Jack. The design is very detailed and of good size.Good quality.

Willie Y.

25 days ago

I love this!!! Beautiful and as advertised! Very attractive on my blazer. I'm very satisfied with the way it turned out, and plan on using the others for other projects.Definitely would buy again, looks perfect!

Frank C.

Who Are Using Custom Iron On Patches?

  • DIY Lovers

    Today, more and more people order customizable iron on patch online for their jackets,it's a trend. Whether it's Denim jacket patches, School team jacket patches, or Motorcycle jacket patches, it's easy to affix your custom patches anywhere you want with iron on backing. You can also use them to easily and quickly customize your other garments, such as shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, hoodies, hats, etc.

  • Sports Players

    Sports patches are common, especially in universities, colleges, and international leagues worldwide. Sports patches are a staple part of sports uniforms for hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, and many others. Whether it’s large iron on patches or small iron on patches, teams flaunt their custom sports patches not only on their uniforms but also on caps, jerseys, and other sports merchandise.

  • Company Staff

    Custom name patches are used in all walks of life. As an identification mark, it is widely used not only in schools, but also in various occupations and jobs. It can display your business logo or personal name on any shirt or other type of fabric. Iron on is the most common and convenient way to apply your custom logo patch or custom name patch to your clothing.

  • Military Members

    Military patches are an essential part of any military uniform. Almost all civilians and other government groups have used military morale patches in their respective agencies. Whether you’re in the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Navy, you can customize your own military iron on patches, and then you can attach them to your military clothing and gears easily.

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Learn How To Custom Iron On Patches

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Breif Introduction of Various Types of Patches

  • Custom Embroidered Iron On Patches

    Embroidery patches are one of the most popular patches. Embroidery yarns of multiple colors together form an excellent visual texture, and customize iron on patch process allows it to be applied to any product.

  • Custom Woven Iron On Patches

    Woven patches are one of the most classic patches. Weaving technology makes more complex logos and texts possible, which can perfectly combine patterns and texts with a full sense of design.

  • Custom Printed Iron On Patches

    Printed patches can make picture/gradient designs possible on the quality fabrics. Sublimation printing is feasible for all designs. Whether it's the sunset glow on the horizon or the photo of your beloved person.

  • Custom Chenille Iron On Patches

    Chenille patches are known for being fluffy. The 3D effect created by the arched yarn makes it an eye-catching highlight on clothing jackets as arm patches, vest patches and shirt patches.

  • Custom PVC Iron On Patches

    PVC patch is synonymous with durable patch. Unlike cloth patches, this rubber-style patch is not afraid of any gravel or rain, and is one of the best accessories for outdoor equipment.

  • Custom Leather Iron On Patches

    The unique leather patch can provide high-level texture to any clothing and bag. Whether it is a logo or text, the leather sticker patch presents the most high-end effect in the simplest way.

  • Custom Bullion Iron On Patches

    The bullion patch is a patch with a unique wire. The combination of gold and silver yarns gives it a luster and texture that others can't match. Order iron on patches and show off among the crowd.

How to Make Custom Patches

  • Submit an order

  • Approve the design

  • Receive your patch

Frequently Asked Questions about

Custom Iron On Patches

  • How do I turn a picture into an iron on patch?

    For the pictured-style image, we recommend the printed patches because of their twill fabric. Once you upload your design and approve the artwork we send you, you only need to wait for your vividly personalized iron on patches with iron on backing.

  • How long do iron on patches stay on?

    Usually, it depends on the fabric it is stuck to. Ironed on patches usually stay on for about 25-30 times of washes. For permanent application, it is better to choose sew on backing instead of iron on patch.

  • What fabrics are suitable for iron-on patches to apply?

    Iron on patches is also called heat press patches or heat seal patches. The best materials for iron-on patches are cotton and polyester. Materials like nylon, rain jacket or raylon will be damaged when applying the iron on badges.

  • How to remove iron-on patches?

    The best way to remove iron-on patches is to heat them with an iron or hair dryer to re-melt the adhesive. Or you can use an adhesive remover to dissolve the glue behind the patch.

  • What is your MOQ order for custom iron-on patches?

    4inCustomPatch is the perfect pocket-friendly place to go with your no minimum custom iron on patches order! We don't have any minimum order quantity for custom patches, but the more you order, the lower the unit price, so we still recommend custom patches in bulk. Come and create your own iron on patches now!

  • How to iron on patch?

    Step1: Put the clothes you need to iron on a heat-resistant surface.

    Step2: Place the patch face up in any desired position on the garment.

    Step3: Preheat the iron to medium-high heat. 350°F is recommended.

    Step4: Put a thin cloth or towel over the patch to prevent the patch from burning.

    Step5: Press hard straight down with the heated iron for about 30 to 60 seconds.

    Step6: Turn off the iron, let the garment cool for about 5 minutes.

    Step7: If the patch does not adhere well, you can turn the garment inside out and iron the back of the patch for another 30 seconds or repeat steps 5 and 6.

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    The right backing will define if your custom patches can make or break your expectations.

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    A list of the 6 best websites where you can order own patches for yourself or in bulk for an event.

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