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7 Types of Custom Biker Patches

Embroidery Patch

Woven Patch

Printed Patch

Chenille Patch

PVC Patch

Leather Patch

Bullion Patch

Who Are Using Custom Biker Patches?

  • Motorcycle Gang

    The biker patch is also called as the motorcycle patch, usually the member of motorcycle club place biker patches at the back of their vest and laden meaning and tradition. These biker memorial patch also is worn by members of motorcycle clubs as a form of message to let people know which clubs they belong to. Also, if you want to join a motorcycle club, you can only observe their biker patches and quickly understand their culture.

  • Travel People

    Do you know motorcycle travelers? They are a group of people who aim to ride around the road on their bikes. And having a motorcycle patch will make them look more professional. Bur some people simply find it fun to wear a funny biker patch. Travelers also don't take biker patches as seriously as motorcycle club members, often simply to look cooler or to make a biker name patch that has identified them.

  • Patch Collector

    The patch collector never misses a patch of any kind, especially such a well-known biker patch. They don't customize biker patches in bulk to patch suppliers, but create your own biker patch. Or think local motorcycle clubs seeking a high-value rider patch. These custom made biker patches will be well protected in the hands of collectors, and as time settles in, the rider patch will become a fond memory.

  • Police Officers

    Traffic police officers also usually wear biker patches on their uniforms. And their biker patches are usually made using embroidered material with a sew-on backing. Instead of the common PVC patches. Also, embroidered biker patches and police uniforms are more compatible, while real motorcyclists prefer to wear jackets and are more suitable for PVC patches.

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1 day ago
Great Gift

Bought as a gift for a friend and he loved them! Quality seems pretty good. Definitely recommend.

Andy L

3 days ago
Great quality!

They fit on my bags and jackets very well and no issues staying on. Great price for all of these, would buy again!

Maxwell B

5 days ago
Work perfectly

The patches are great! They were super easy to iron on! I used a heat press.Would definitely buy them again. Using them to liven up my kids wardrobe.

Laura F

7 days ago
Five Stars✔

I love the patches they were cute and adorable. Very easy to put on and very durable. So Vivid and beautiful.

Oswald Z

10 days ago
Excellent 5 Stars!

I describe this as Great Value because the quality, price, and customer service are superb!

Kenneth R

12 days ago
Amazing Product

The patches looked amazing! Customer service was really good and providing information and very helpful. Will buy it again in the future!

Norman J.

15 days ago
Good quality!

Got these patches for my brother! Amazing quality velcro! The patches are well made and beautiful! Perfect!

Sampson B

17 days ago
excellent quality

Perfect fit on my tactical hat, love all the patches, and made with quality material! Definitely recommend their products!

Marlon A

20 days ago
All was good, will recommend to anyone and everyone!

I ordered a custom patch and loved the final product! They sent me a picture of the draft before finalizing my order, which I appreciated. Shipping was very quick too.

Burke N

Learn How To Custom Biker Patches

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Breif Introduction of Various Types of Patches

  • Custom Embroidered Biker Patches

    Embroidery patch is widely used on clothing decorations. Its thread acts like a paintbrush to outline your pattern design on your jacket with vibrant colors. Using it as your biker patch will definitely make you the coolest guy of the crowd!

  • Custom Woven Biker Patches

    Woven patches are one of the most classic patches. The soft woven thread can perfectly display your design, but also satisfy the comfort of touch. As a biker patch, it's sure to be an excellent choice!

  • Custom Printed Biker Patches

    The cool design of the biker patch usually requires complex and fine workmanship, and the printed patch is the best choice at this time! It uses sublimation technology to perfectly showcase your bold and intricate designs!

  • Custom Chenille Biker Patches

    The three-dimensional effect of the chenille patch perfectly matches the eye-catching effect of the biker patch! It's made of a unique thick plush fabric with a special touch, making it a special presence wherever you stick it!

  • Custom PVC Biker Patches

    PVC patch is synonymous with durable patch. This characteristic makes it an important member of outdoor decorations, whether as a biker patch or a motorcycle patch, it is your best choice!

  • Custom Leather Biker Patches

    Leather patch is synonymous with the modern city because of its unique material. It symbolizes wildness, toughness and nobility, and is a popular item for many biker groups. How can you miss it if you want a biker patch?

  • Custom Bullion Biker Patches

    The bullion patch is like the aristocrat of all patches. It is made of unique gold and silver woven threads or tinted metal, rocking and cool without losing its nobility. Use it as your biker patch to amaze everyone!

How to Make Custom Patches

  • Submit an order

  • Approve the design

  • Receive your patch

Frequently Asked Questions about

Custom Biker Patches

  • How soon can I get my biker patch?

    Within 24 hours of your order, we will send you digital artwork, and after your confirmation, we will immediately arrange full production. The delivery time of the goods is usually 18-22 days from the start, but if nothing goes wrong, the goods will often reach you sooner.

  • Where do I put my biker patches?

    Motorcycle clubs most often wear the classic three-piece patches on the back of their jackets. The top panel or “rocker” shows the name of the club. The large centerpiece shows the club emblem or logo, and the bottom rocker shows the club's home territory.

  • Which is the best backing for motorcycle patches?

    No doubt, I would recommend you PVC patches or leather patches, these two patches are more durable than other patches and are waterproof. But some people have a soft spot for embroidery patches, then it is also recommended.

  • What are the rules for wearing biker patches?

    ·Never Wear the Patch of a Motorcycle Club You Don't Belong to. ·You Are Responsible for Good Conduct. ·Respect the patches of each person in this community ·Don't do things that offend others

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