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7 Types of Custom Military Patches

Embroidery Patch

Woven Patch

Printed Patch

Chenille Patch

PVC Patch

Leather Patch

Bullion Patch

Who Are Using Custom Military Patches?

  • Military Members

    Custom military patches are widely used in thearmy. We can often see soldiers on TV or on the street with military patch on their left chests or arms. These customized patchs can customize everyone's name. Therefore, combat patches are often applied to recruits entering the camp. The corresponding names on different military embroidered patches are different which will help officers better recognize recruits.

  • Police

    Police officers often go out on duty wearing miltary patch vests with the word "police", which can not only show the different identities of the police but also establish their authority to better perform tasks. In addition, we often see all military patches with different police badges on the left chest of the police. These milatary patches help passers-by or their superiors better distinguish the different areas and positions to which different policemen belong.

  • Military Enthusiast

    Many army enthusiasts like to collect various millitary patches. Different patches army often have different meanings. Many fans will collect different embroidered or velcro military patches according to the different types of services and ranks. Of course, most war patches are limited editions. If military fans can not buy their favorite patches, many of them will tend to customize different military patches to enrich their collections.

  • Air Force

    We can often see an eagle on the Air Force's army logo patch. The Air Force's patch originated from World War II. The stronger the capability and the higher the rank of the air force, the more custom made military patches it has. They buy patches for military uniforms or hats, is also a symbol of the air force's ability and authority. Different army patches are a good way to tell people which branch they are from and are representative of their rank.

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Verified Reviewer

2 days ago
Fast shipping and good quality.

I liked that it was delivered quick and I design the patches as a way to honor a Marine Corps veteran, my brother Jack. The design is very detailed and of good size.Good quality.

Willie Y.

3 days ago
Love it!

I bought 300 leather patches debossed in 8 colors they provide. Different leather patches with different colors can be used in different clothes materials and clothes styles. My favorite is dark brown. So rocky!

Paula A.

1 day ago
Fits my expectation!

The quality is very good! It's just the right size to stick on the military uniform. There is no peculiar smell. The patch packing is also very beautiful. The workmanship is thick and exquisite.

Nelly M.

5 days ago

I have a try of making goods with exclusive bullion patches by myself. And pasted it directly on the clothes and backpacks I am selling, which attracted a large number of customers to buy. Would buy more.

Lauren F.

6 days ago
Exceptional Quality Product!

Exceptional Quality Product! Great service, and very detailed in their design, review and approval process. I was informed and my approval required at every turn. It was an awesome job and I would highly recommend to anyone seeking their custom patches!

Crystal S.

2 days ago
Good System!

Good System! There are many kinds of patches, which fully meet my needs. I like to design patches on it very much, which brings me a lot of inspiration.

Sophia J.

7 days ago
The completed product was excellent

The completed product was excellent and the design and production better than expected. Thanks so much!

Primo B.

Learn How To Custom Military Patches

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Breif Introduction of Various Types of Patches

  • Custom Embroidered Military Patches

    Embroidery patches are one of the most popular types for your army patches. We provide you with embroidery yarns of multiple colors, excellent visual texture, and the optional back process. Especially with the velcro backing.

  • Custom Woven Military Patches

    Woven patches, the most classic patch style. Its weaving technology makes the complex logos and texts be a possible, which can perfectly combine patterns and texts with a flat touch and feel.

  • Custom Printed Military Patches

    Printed patches allow the all-over printingn. Any vivid pattern or picture could easily apply to our quality fabrics as expected. Best option for your beautiful military or morale patches ever.

  • Custom Chenille Military Patches

    Chenille patches are known for fluffy outlook. The 3D effect created by the arched yarn makes it an eye-catching highlight . Maybe it would be the new choice for your fire department, airborne, police patches.

  • Custom PVC Military Patches

    The strong durability of PVC material is ideal for people often working outdoors. You may just imagine it as rubber-style patch, and feel free to attach to any of the uniforms, backpacks or appreal.

  • Custom Leather Military Patches

    Leather is always be the synonym of premium. Our leather ensures you the most high-end effect in the easiest way.

  • Custom Bullion Military Patches

    The bullion patches combine the gold and silver yarns, giving it a luster and texture that others can't match. Patch it on your hats, pants and uniforms as you wish.

How to Make Custom Patches

  • Submit an order

  • Approve the design

  • Receive your patch

Frequently Asked Questions about

Custom Military Patches

  • What Does Patch Mean In Military?

    Soldiers who complete their service receive patches. These patches show soldiers with different service responsibilities and different affiliations.

  • Do Special Forces Wear Patches?

    The gold military patch was authorized in 1955 to be worn by personnel of the U.S. Army Special Forces Command Air Force and its subordinate units.

  • Can Civilians Wear Military Patches?

    Except for veterans and military retirees who can wear military patches on civilian clothes. Ordinary residents can also customize their favorite military patches for collection or wearing.

  • What's the Best Way to Apply the Patch?

    Ironing on patches is the easiest and strongest way. While sewn patches are more affordable, not everyone knows how to use a sewing machine, so if you know nothing about sewing, it is highly recommended that you buy an iron-on patch.

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  • Military Morale Patches: What Are They and Who Wears Them

    Military patches open up the possibility of creating a design that is hard to achieve with the standard embroidered or woven patches.

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