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Everything You Need To Know About Velcro Patches

August 15,2022

There are numerous patch types available in the market today. Depending on the specifications, you sure have a lot of choices ready. But if you are looking for a kind that can help you quickly change from one uniform or outfit to another, then a Velcro patch is perfect for you. 

What is a Velcro patch? 

Custom Velcro Patch for Vest-4inCustomPatch®

First off, Velcro is a brand. It has become a well-known company name that anything associated with the hook and loop technology that the brand produces is called Velcro. 

A Velcro patch is a type of patch with a Velcro mechanism technology backing. A Velcro backing has two sides: the hook and loop, sides where either hook and loop patches are attached to the back of the patch and the other to the clothing. 
Its adhesive, easy to attach, and peel-off attribute make it a versatile patch that matches any aesthetics. Patches with Velcro backing are ideal for people who need to quickly change uniforms at any required instance. It is a good choice in this sense. It needs not only a little effort to peel off or attach. 

How do Velcro Patches work?

Hook and Loop Patches-4inCustomPatch®

Velcro patches come in different sizes and shapes. It has two parts sewn in various pieces of fabric. The other should be the patch side, and the other should be attached to the clothing or apparel. Pressing the two parts together, consisting of the hooks and loops, connects one part to the other. It is quickly done and creates a strong bond between the two parts. However, unlike other patches, this only gives a temporary hold. 

You can separate the hooks and the loops by pulling each other apart. This action will cause the hoops to release the loops, not harming or damaging the fabric. With this, you can easily attach, re-attach and transfer the patches from one apparel to another. 

This characteristic of the Velcro patches makes them suitable for any purpose. The versatility provided by its users made it famous that manufacturers have developed the technology for the better. The hook and loop patches technology now illustrates longevity and sturdiness. 

Reasons To Choose Velcro Patches

Morale Velcro Patches-4inCustomPatch®

Velcro patches are popular among people who frequently use uniforms. Multiple ranges of professionals from first responders, police officers, military members, firefighters, and even electricians and plumbers. We can say that Velcro patches are ideal for any application. But why and how do people choose Velcro patches from all types of patches available in the market? 

• Durable

One of the first reasons people are drawn to using Velcro patches is their durability. For example, you need to put on the laundry if you have an embroidered Velcro patch and morale Velcro patches. It will preserve the quality of the embroidered patch if it can be removed from the clothing before being laundered. The patch would not have any tears or wear from the frequent washing. 

And if you are someone who loves to mix and match your garments, especially your vest, a removable custom Velcro patch for the vest is a good fit for you. Imagine you can attach and peel it off when you need to change it without ruing either of the patches on the clothing. 

• Reusable 

Velcro patches are created to give users the flexibility to choose from one design to another. An example is those men in the military who are accountable for promotions in due time. They need to remove their old ranking patches and replace them with new ones. To easily do this, a Velcro-type patch is used. 

It gives no hassle and damage to the clothing. It can even save the company from purchasing another batch of uniforms that would cause a considerable sum in their budget. Having the aid of Velcro patches, they can allocate this money to other valuable purposes. As you can preserve the quality of the patch, you can reuse it whenever the need arises. 

• Flexible

For individuals who love to explore the world of fashion but have one or two favorite patches that they wish to attach now and then, a Velcro patch can do them positively. For example, Velcro patches for backpacks, can easily peel it off and connect to another. Depending on their fashion mood that day. 

In companies who require their employees to have identification tags or patches in their uniform and will change the uniform for a different occasion, a Velcro-type name patch is better. They can peel it off and attach it to new apparel. 

Where to Buy Custom Velcro Patches

Custom Velcro

4incustompatch is a one-stop shop for everything about custom Velcro patches and other types of patches in the USA. They are certified, well-experienced manufacturers of high-quality patches that will skyrocket your business promotions. They have allotted time and effort to develop a user-friendly ordering system on their website. This initiative is to give customers an outstanding ordering experience.  

Why 4incustompatch? 

1. Free Shipping and Setup
Custom Velcro Patches Fast Shipping-4inCustomPatch®

Your orders will be free of shipping wherever you are in the US. Plus, they also provide a free setup of your design. And this is certified with no hidden fees! 

2. Easy Online Customization
Personalized Velcro Patch-4inCustomPatch®

In the company's effort to upgrade their website to be more user-friendly, they assured customers that they would have easy online customization on their products. Their website is created to collect all the needed data you want in your patches in an easy and well-organized system.

3. NO minimum order quantity
Custom Velcro Patches No Minimum-4inCustomPatch®

4incustompatch offers a no minimum order quantity on their transactions. This initiative is brought about by their willingness to reach out and help clients/businesses, small or big, in their promotional aims. They also wanted to cater to individual customers who wanted a more personalized and unique patch for themselves. 

4. Lowest Price Guarantee 
Custom Velcro Patches Cheap-4inCustomPatch®

They are sure to offer the lowest price in the market. 4incustompatch is confident that no one can beat them in providing the lowest price offering on quality custom patches. This offering is another best thing about the company since they have the technology, the reliable team of designers and personnel that caters to the client's needs efficiently, plus the experience, they provide much lower pricing.

5. 7 Patch Types Available
Velcro Patches for Backpacks-4inCustomPatch®

4incustompatch is a one-stop shop for all the available types of patches. They offer embroidered, woven, printed, chenille, PVC, leather, and bullion patches. They also offer all types of backing including personalized Velcro patch backing. These patches can all be customized and ordered from their website. You can choose whatever types and designs you want in a few clicks!

6. Bulk Orders 
Custom Velcro Patches Bulk Order-4inCustomPatch®

4incustompatch offers bulk orders for companies and individuals. True to their promise of no minimum order quantity, they also allow bulk orders at the lowest price guaranteed. 

7. Quick Ordering Method
Custom Velcro Patches Quick Order-4inCustomPatch®

It will only take you three easy steps to finish your orders with them. First, you have to submit or send your design if you already have it. If not, you can first proceed to their customization section, where you will be asked about the colors, shape, size, patch type, backing, and your customized design. Don't worry design mock-up is free of charge. Step 2 is to confirm the digital proof of your design. Rest assured that they will only process production when you have already relied upon a go signal confirming the final layout design of your patch. And third is to receive your custom patch! 

4incustompatch guarantees their customers that they only provide the highest quality Velcro patches that would satisfy them. 

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