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7 Types of Custom Morale Patches

Embroidery Patch

Woven Patch

Printed Patch

Chenille Patch

PVC Patch

Leather Patch

Bullion Patch

Who Are Using Custom Morale Patches?

  • Custom Military Morale Patches

    Custom Morale or Military Patches, also known as custom tactical vest patches, they are widely used by military members to identify and build morale towards troops, units, divisions, or brigades. Military morale patches are designed to be humorous but are indeed valuable. It boosts the spirit of those people involved in such serious jobs. So customize morale patches maybe a good choice for your army.

  • Custom OCP Morale Patches

    When it comes to morale patches, the most classic air force OCP morale patches must come to mind. Usually, Air Force units design their own morale patches for new recruits. Wearing these custom velcro patches for tactical vest gives recruits a sense of pride, so there are also what they call motivational patches. If you are fortunate enough to be an airman, you can also create your own morale patch to commemorate this moment of honor that belongs to you!

  • Morale Patches Custom for Polices

    Custom morale patches have a long history in the police force. Usually, police morale patches are manufactured from high-quality rubber and are used to customize equipment, identify different departments within a force, and recognize the service and good work of officers. So usually police officers wear PVC morale patches velcro, and of course some are embroidered morale patches. And as morale hat patches sew on the police caps or uniform.

  • Custom Funny Velcro Patches

    The Morale Military Patches are now no longer just for the army. They have reached many other units of society. They have invaded sports such as paintball, motorcycle enthusiasts, airsoft, and many others. Almost all civilians and other government groups have used velcro morale patches (especially some funny velcro patches)in their respective agencies. Let's design your own morale patch. It is now greatly appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts.

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Verified Reviewer

4 days ago
Great looking patch, high quality !

Great patches, I get compliments all the time…lol. I would buy patches again from this company!

Wallis C.

2 days ago

This is a very difficult image to get correct so I was expecting it to be too blurred. But when I received the patches, they looks exactly like the picture I offered. Very Happy!

Aldrich E.

66 days ago
Good quality patch

I brought these patches because the commentary resonated with me. The seller had fast shipping and a good price.

Sandy B.

54 days ago
Great quality and look!

These morale patches look great! I'm happy with the velcro quality and strength. They stick strongly to my backpacks without any worry of them falling off. The material they use is durable and waterproof. They can take a beating.

Phil H.

89 days ago
100% satisfied.

The best morale patch! I've slid my backpack across the floor and I haven't seen a scratch on these patches. I'm going to buy more for the rest of my gear. Worth every penny!

Sammy D.

77 days ago

I have purchased 100's of these morale patches to make custom items for my customers & no issues with them at all!

Pandora H.

68 days ago
Beautiful & Well Made!

Customizing these patches is a delight. They are of all sizes - well made, and beautiful. They ironed on easily. Hhappy with the purchase and will be back for more in the future!

Tiffany C.

34 days ago
Thank U!

So must THANK U! Just arrived & thrilled with the timing and variety absolutely perfect for our uniforms! Will b ironing tonight!!!Happily

Novia W.

1 day ago
Very well made, 10/10 quality

This patch is exactly like the picture I offered and is very well made. It sews on great and looks awesome.

Hedy N.

Learn How To Custom Morale Patches

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Breif Introduction of Various Types of Patches

  • Custom Embroidered Morale Patches

    The exquisite crafting of classic embroidery patch is definitely a good choice for you as a morale patch - morale boosting patches! The pattern is vividly rendered by the woven thread, and it will definitely be loved by your team as a morale patch!

  • Custom Woven Morale Patches

    The woven patch is soft and comfortable to the touch, but also resistant to fading and deformation. Do you want to make your own morale patch? The morale patch, as the team's logo, needs this comfortable and durable woven patch to boost morale!

  • Custom Printed Morale Patches

    The printed patch is a great choice for perfecting your intricate patterns! It uses heat transfer technology to accurately reproduce the intricate, multi-colored patterns on your moral patch, just like a small painting!

  • Custom Chenille Morale Patches

    The unique plush touch of chenille patch is very popular in clothing and small decorative items. Unlike woven threads, its grainy, plush material gives your moral patch a distinctive tactile and visual impact!

  • Custom PVC Morale Patches

    The PVC patch is made of silicon-like material, soft and elastic, with bright and outstanding pattern colors. Use it as your morale patch, whether it's cold or hot, it will always be with you.

  • Custom Leather Morale Patches

    The leather patch is a symbol of wildness and strength. Its unique leather feel brings your morale patch infinitely closer to the most pristine nature. The understated color scheme gives your team a unique charm.

  • Custom Bullion Morale Patches

    Bullion patches are used by elite clubs, military uniforms and other entities looking to have their logo radiate. Bullion crests give depth to the artwork through the use of gold and silver wire beads. Your morale patch can't miss it!

How to Make Custom Patches

  • Submit an order

  • Approve the design

  • Receive your patch

Frequently Asked Questions about

Custom Morale Patches

  • How do I turn a picture into a morale patch?

    For the pictured-style image, we recommend you the printed patches because of their twill fabric. Once you upload your design and approve the artwork we send you, you only need to wait for your best morale patches to come with high quality.

  • Can civilians wear morale patches?

    Anyone can wear morale patches but be advised to use them properly and respectively. There might be some restrictions on the use of military patches as well as army morale patches amongst civilians, but as long as you don't wear unit, army or rank patches it's generally fine. Since morale patches are not official and they are traditionally and unofficially made by military personnel, so it's legal for civilians to wear military morale patches.

  • What are OCP morale patches?

    OCP(Operational Camouflage Pattern) is a military camouflage pattern for the Army Combat Uniform. In 2019, the new OCP uniform allow Airman to wear morale patches on their right sleeve. This kind of thing that can boost morale is called OCP morale patches or army morale patches.

  • What material do morale patches usually use?

    As a rule, I would recommend PVC or embroidered materials. Most of the people who wear morale patches spend a long time doing outdoor activities. PVC patches are known for their durability. The embroidered material also has the same function of preventing the pattern from wearing off. Choose the right material to customize the best tactical(combat) patch. Try it now!

  • Where can you wear morale patches?/What do you do with morale patches?

    You can put morale patches on just about anything! Today, morale patches are often worn on tactical caps, tactical backpacks, plate carriers, combat shirts, uniforms, wall panels, or any other article of clothing or piece of equipment that has velcro backing on them, so that you can attach your patches directly. So cool!

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