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7 Types of Custom Printed Patches

Anime Patches

Dog Patches

Police Patches

Military Patches

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Motorcycle Patches

Uniform Patches

Who Are Using Custom Printed Patches?

  • Backpacker

    Backpackers often go out with only one big bag on their backs. We can often see all kinds of printed patches on the backpacks of these backpackers. Many backpackers like to put custom printed patches of the national flag with their identity on their backpacks. Many of them People also like to stick the screen printed patches of the areas they have traveled on their backpacks to show that they are adventurers who have been to many places.

  • Baseball Team

    We can often see printed patches with different team logos printed on different basketball teams. Different custom photo patches represent different regions or universities. Especially in universities, the basketball team of each college almost has its own different team logo, and they will iron the screen print patches with the team logo on the team uniform so that the audience can recognize their own more conveniently when participating in the game Identity and Faculty.

  • Hat Supplier

    Do you know what a printed patches custom is? The custom screen printed patches is a patch that uses dye-sublimation technology to best present the 3D effect of the pattern logo. In addition, compared to embroidered patches and leather patches, the price of print patches is much more economical, so many hat suppliers like to customize a variety of printed patch and iron printed design on their hats to reflect the variety of their products sex.

  • Company Staff

    Compared with the traditional embroidery custom canvas patches, many companies now tend to customize custom screen printed patches with names for their employees. Not only company employees, many restaurants and shopping mall salesmen will use print iron on patches, usually they will customize the logo of their store or a silk screen patches with their name on their work clothes, so that customers can quickly identify their work type with the name.

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Learn How To Custom Printed Patches

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Breif Introduction of Various Types of Patches

  • Two different printing methods

    Screen Priinting: this vivid printing style is great for basic designs and patterns. Digital Printing: Our most popular printing method, digital printing is great for photo-realistic images or complex designs.

  • Use Merrowed border on printed patches

    Merrowed borders are ideal for symmetrical shapes such as circle, oval, square and rectangle patches. Patches with merrow cut are more durable and have an aesthetic look. If your patches will be sewn on to apparel.

  • Advantages of printed patch

    Printed patches can completely copy your photos, and any photo details can be captured. You don’t have to worry about not having the color you want or worrying about its color. You can use any color without any color restrictions.

  • The different Fabric Type

    Usually we use these different kinds of fabrics. Suitable for digital printing are: white polyester twill, white lustrous fine polyester twill; suitable for screen printing are: black polyester twill, white cotton twill, white fine cotton canvas, wool/polyester twill.

  • Number of Colors

    One of the most awesome things about printed patch designs is there's no limit to how many colors you can use… but you'll still save a little more if your design happens to have a minimal color palette.

  • Delivery time of your patch

    We will do our best to get your goods to you as quickly as possible. Depending on the delivery time you expect and the products you have ordered, we will choose the most suitable freight forwarder. Our motto is: everything for you!

  • 4in is the best choice!

    If you have any questions about printed patches, please feel free to contact us. We will answer your questions carefully and give you a reasonable quote. If you have any ideas on design, again you can tell us and our designers will make your ideas come true!

How to Make Custom Patches

  • Submit an order

  • Approve the design

  • Receive your patch

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