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7 Types of Custom Leather Patches

Morale Leather Patch

Biker VLeather Patch

Camping Leather Patch

Military Leather Patch

Police Leather Patch

Scout Leather Patch

Uniform Leather Patch

Who Are Using Custom Leather Patches?

  • Motorcycle team

    Leather patches and jackets are a great match, and members of the Motorcycle Club are definitely one of the groups with the most love for jackets, and naturally leather patch custom are their favorite. Put leather patches on the back of the jacket or on the hats to make them look really cool, something the motorcycle club has always been looking for. Different custom leather hat patches can also distinguish members of different gangs.

  • Fashionist

    What fashionistas do every day is to rack their brains to make their clothes look more different. And leather patches, definitely play an important role. The visual effects of this embossed leather patch are perfect for a wide variety of apparel, such as: Jeans, Jackets, T-shirts, Caps and Bags. Even some clothes will be specially sewn a leather patch blanks to place patches. This also allows fashionistas to use their imagination in thousands of ways to match their own unique outfits.

  • Pets Lover

    Think about how cool it would be to put a leather patch logo on your dog's costume. This is a practice that many pet lovers look forward to.This custom faux leather patches is affordable and can achieve very good results. It can be perfect for pets lovers’ needs - making pet costumes more unique. Hurry up and act now! Create blank leather patches with your pet's name on them, stick them on costumes and stand out at pet parties!

  • Backpack travelers

    Backpackers often travel long distances outdoors. And the style of their backpacks is the best expression of their image. In terms of material choice, the durability, waterproof function, and retro style of leather badges make them one of the most popular patch types for backpacking travelers. I would say to every backpacker “make your own leather patches to decorate your backpacks! That will be very unique”.

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Verified Reviewer

2 days ago
Love them, great for my project and good price!

I customized these leather patches to dress up my shirts and bags. I ironed some on my favorite purse today. They stuck perfectly and I didn't scorch my purse!! They did flatten out a bit but they look great. I'm very satisfied with the way it turned out and plan on using the others for other projects.

Polly J.

5 days ago
Absolutely Fabulous quality, I love it.

LOVE everything about it. My patches came a week early. Good Quality materials. I Iive in a military town, carry a military looking bag but wanted something non-military. They are good and personalized. Thanks 4in.

Rock B.

7 days ago
Great quality and design!

Nice quality patches and price. I looked at all the sizes in the chart before I bought them. I love them they are perfect, I sewed them on not iron so I can’t say if that part works, but the patches are great. Fast delivery, would highly recommend these!

Antony C.

17 days ago
Excellent Product and Excellent Service

I received the patches I ordered fairly quickly, beautifully made, and in wonderful condition. I would recommend ordering from any time! Alsa did a great job and communicated with me every step of the way. Thank you!

Antonia M.

26 days ago
Nice patches!

First time shopping on this site and I am very happy with the product I received! The quality of the leather patches is GREAT! Iron on good and stays on. Blends in good with the fabric. THANK YOU!!!

Max C.

30 days ago
I recommend these patches

The quality of the patches are great. I didn’t expect much because the price was so good. I’m not sure how they would iron because I always sew my patches on. Fast delivery, would highly recommend these!

Rachel R.

Learn How To Custom Leather Patches

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Breif Introduction of Various Types of Patches

  • Quality Material

    Our leather patch adopts the best soft leather as the material, which has a natural grain and glossy feel to the touch. It has a smooth and flat surface which allows dyeing in various colors without losing texture, making your designs richer and more advanced.

  • Functional Features

    Leather is a high-quality fabric that's durable, waterproof, heat-resistant, anti-corrosion, and extremely easy to clean. Without a doubt, it is one of the best quality materials for your custom patches.

  • Backing Options

    Our leather patches have multiple backing options, including Sew-on Backing, Iron-on Backing, Tape Backing, Velcro Backing, Safety Pin, and Key Ring. We will do our best to help you customize the leather patches you want!

  • Printing Options

    Currently, our leather patches support Four main printing methods: Debossed without Printing, Debossed Printing, Silkscreen Printing, and Metallic Printing. Different methods gives your leather patch uniqueness.

  • Applicable Scenarios

    The leather patch is becoming increasingly important in popular decorative items. It is a great choice for all garments and more outdoor supplies. You can decorate it on your hat, jacket, or anywhere you want to show off your charm.

  • Custom Size As You Wish

    What size leather patch do you want? We have a complete price list based on different sizes for your reference. We will do our best to make it happen. You can call us at 1-979-371-5589 or email us:

  • 4in Is The Right Place To Go!

    4inCustomPatch® is a custom patch brand aimed at client satisfaction with accurate supply and great customer service. Whether you want to customize leather patches or other patches, you can find a satisfactory solution here!

How to Make Custom Patches

  • Submit an order

  • Approve the design

  • Receive your patch

Frequently Asked Questions about

Custom Leather Patches

  • How do I turn a picture into an leather patch?

    4inCustomPatch is a professional leather patch maker. Once you upload your design and approve the artwork we send you, you only need to wait for your vividly personalized custom made patches to come with Velcro backing.

  • Are leather patches made of real leather?

    Most of the leather patches on our website are made of faux leather. They have a texture that is almost indistinguishable from real leather. Of course, you can also contact us and ask for patches made of real leather, but then the unit price of the patches will go up.

  • How to put leather patches on t-shirts or hats?

    Leather patches, like patches of other materials, can be backed with a variety of backings. The most common ones are heat seal backing, sticker backing and sew on backing. When you are not sure about which method to choose to sew your patch, sew it or iron it on. You could fix the patch at your desired place by iron it on and then sew it to your hat or t-shirt for longevity. By doing this, you will make it 100% sure that your custom leather patches do not fall.

  • What is your MOQ order for custom iron-on patches?

    4inCustomPatch is the perfect pocket-friendly place to go with your no minimum custom leather patches order! We don't have any minimum order quantity for custom patches, but the more you order, the lower the unit price, so we still recommend custom leather patches in bulk. Come and create your own iron on patches now!

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