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Best 6 Websites to Make Custom Patches in the USA

August 03,2022

Looking for the best buy when it comes to custom patches in the USA? Look no more! We have gathered the best 6 websites that make high-quality custom patches.
Whether you will use it for fashion, business, or marketing, these top 6 companies will surely cater to whatever you need.


Make Custom Patches in the

4incustompatch focuses on innovation in terms of delivering the highest quality products and creating program design innovations while advancing its online design competencies. All this is in the hopes of bettering the online shopping experience of their customers. They also work to deliver a stress-free online ordering system with their custom patches. Thus, creating a revolutionary online ordering system and technology. 

•Embroidery yarns available in multiple colors create excellent visual texture 
•Exceptional woven patches are made possible with their upgraded weaving technology
•Feasible sublimation printing for all designs
•Chenille patches' 3D effect created an eye-catching highlight on any clothing
•Durable PVC patches
•High-level texture leather patches
•The unmatchable luster of the best custom bullion patches available

Their web store is an updated and highly conventional way to reach them and order your custom patch. 4incustompatch has well-trained, experienced, and knowledgeable teams to cater to their customers' every need.

4incustompatch offers anything you can imagine when it comes to customized patches. They have all the types of patches in-store. With no minimum order quantity and you can avail bulk or wholesale price, what are you waiting for? Visit their website now! 

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Make Custom Patches in the has community members in countries in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. With all these present, they intend to make it known that wherever you are in the world, rest assured they can directly cater to any of your custom patches' needs. They wanted their customers to feel at ease knowing that a reliable patch maker is working on their orders wherever they are. All they have to do is relax, wait and focus on building their business. 

•High contrast texture and depth in terms of design embroidered patches
•Woven patches for complex logos and smaller letterings
•Custom printed patches that look real as pictures
•Their Bullion patch gives away a unique look on your patches.
•Letterman jackets look timeless with chenille patches
•Leather patches bring that classic, urban or natural look to any apparel.
•PVC patches survive any condition. has over 4,752 machines assuring customers that they never stop. Their factories are curated to provide clients with an A-game manufacturing experience. They have top-billed famous brands and names in many industries trusting them with their marketing gears. 

This achievement is because they have continually worked with speed, ease, quality, and reliable pricing over their 10-year service. 

Want to avail their fair pricing on all items offered? Go to their website and order now!

Make Custom Patches in the USA-10 percent off


Make Custom Patches in the

They are home for everything embroidered. If you are looking for someone expert in any embroidered custom patches online, they are the right people to do business together. They are a multi-million-dollar corporation with outstanding customer service. They were assessed and rated by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Their website offers patch option samples in different embroidery percentages. 

•Custom embroidered and iron-on patches
•The flexible ordering process of Military Patches
•Offers hot cut edge and merrow patch borders
•Provide other patch options such as metallic thread and button loop 
•Embroidered patches background fabric is a poly-cotton blended twill and 100% rayon.

What's nice about patches4less is that they offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If a customer is not satisfied with their delivered product, say it has damage on its quality of material, they will automatically replace it with no other questions asked and extra costing. 
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Make Custom Patches in the USA-10 percent off


Make Custom Patches in the specializes in custom patches focusing on military, morale and PVC patches. Their products are 99% embroidered with professionally designed free artwork. offers up to 9 thread color options, free. They also do give a pre-production sample. They work hard to develop their products to satisfy their client's needs for custom patch making—not compromising the quality and productivity of every product they release. 

•Free quote and digital proofing for custom patch orders
•Specializes in military, morale, and PVC custom patches
•High-Quality Embroidered Patches with 300 color choices are available
•Luxurious woven patches with 100% thread coverage with no cloth background showing
•Waterproof PVC patches that can withstand harsh outdoor use

The online store boasts about its well-trained team of embroidery artists who have acquired years of expertise. They are confident that they will create your own patch with award-winning designs to turn your business into a success. 

Do you want to avail quality patches in easy steps? Take a look at their website now!

Make Custom Patches in the USA-10 percent off


Make Custom Patches in the specializes in everything that sticks! Established in 2008, Andrew Witkin, the owner, has seen how vital stickers play in the locale scene and culture. But at that time, the service was still costly for individuals. Therefore, he created a platform that uses an easy-to-use editor to create a custom design. They also use a proprietary die-cut technology that aids customers in making the sticker of their dreams and bringing it to life like magic.

•Provides custom stickers, labels, patches, and decals
•Merrow stitched border custom patches in 24 color choices
•No color and design limits for any custom print patch
•A baseball print patch makes your team unite

With no minimum order quantity required, you can have any custom printed patch you need. In an easy-to-navigate Sticker Maker technology, you can have a printed patch in merrowed edge in more visible detail. 

Want to avail their service? Check on them! 

Make Custom Patches in the USA-10 percent off


Make Custom Patches in the

Built-in 2006, has built trust among its customers through offering the best prices, high quality, and service in varied industries. Their dedication as a team paved their way to becoming one of the USA's top manufacturers of promotional products. Fueled by their passion, they have continually built and enhanced traditional manufacturing methods. They are proud to have established and used one of the latest technology and equipment. 

•Custom hook and loop morale patches can be designed for free in 7 or fewer thread colors.
•embroidered custom patches can be easily sewn on any apparel
•Resilient to washing with a desiccated coating at the back, their iron patches can easily be ironed-on any apparel Patches with endless designs in 7 or fewer thread colors for free.

With, you can create custom patches and other perfect promotional products you need for free. They offer at least 50 pieces minimum order quantity in each transaction. This is made possible with their easy-to-use website ordering system. 

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Make Custom Patches in the USA-10 percent off

So there you have it. Take a pick from these top sellers of custom patches in the USA and have that perfect custom patch you need.

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