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TOP 5 Websites to Custom Anime Patches in USA

June 17,2022

For the anime lovers out there, it is very understandable that you would want a piece of your favorite characters on your clothes, jeans, or even cosplay costumes. This is why we would be helping you to increase your access to this by providing you with the top 5 websites to order your anime patches in the United States.Let’s take you through a detailed journey. In the end, you can take your pick of the bunch according to your personal preference.1. 4inCustomPatch4inCustomPatch are experts in patch making, be it woven, embroidery, leather, PVC, or even a combination of the available surfaces to make a special design. They are vast in the art, and their credibility and standards have only kept improving over time. They have a section for anime patches, just so you know they have the fans in mind. They have been in the business long enough to offer niche-specific patches.•Ability to customize your anime of choice•Bring your animation design of any sort to life•Bulk orders maintain a low-cost price. Only $91.8 for 100 pcs embroidery patch•Wide variety of Patch backings to pick from•No minimum order quantityThe website stands out in many ways. Their ability to offer custom anime patches is a very rare option in the anime-patch market and this gives you the freedom to have any of your favorite Naruto, AOT, or Dragon ball character, reference, or item on any material of your choosing. All these can be achieved with a simple description, picture, or drawing of what you have in mind.Their customer service is also very great, you will be informed of every process and they have a quick turnaround for designing and production. Be a part of their satisfied customers today.Get 10% off your order2. LoudPigLoudPig is an anime store that has been in the market for over five years now. They sell really cool anime merch, which includes patches. They refer to themselves as “Anime Super Fans” and make sure they provide you with as much content as possible. They have very nice embroidered patches on their websites.•Trending Anime Characters patches•All patches are in perfect condition•Prices for each patch available are between $5-$8LoudPig only offers embroidered patches and there are limited choices to pick from, as they do not currently support a customization feature. However, their available patches are well organized on the website and you can easily sort patches they have based on characters, series, and prices. You can also get other anime merch from the website while you’re at it.Get 10% off your order3. Tactical OutfittersStarting off as a supplier of police equipment in the early 2010s, Tactical Outfitters has now gone on to be one of the largest sites for morale patches in the world. Their cute little morale patches sell pretty well and they have an anime section just for you. Their anime patches have;•Large selection of ready-made patches to pick from•Custom orders are available with a minimum order quantity of 50 units•Affordable prices•Humorous designs that merge anime characters with current trending topicsTheir anime patches are usually in very high demand. You could find some of them to be sold out, but not to worry, they stock up quickly. For their newly introduced customization section, all you have to do is send them a mail with the design, the material, the size, and the quantity (not less than 50 units), and they will work on it for you.Check out their patches and make your order today.Get 10% off your order4. Signature PatchesThe Signature Promotional Group is another very good name on the list. Though they do not have a category for anime patches, they make very good and well-replicated custom patches of any kind. They have very good designers who can help you bring any anime character to a patch. These customized patches have;•Quality custom designs•Neat layout•Strong durabilityTheir designers work overtime to ensure that a first draft of whatever design you submitted is provided for you within 48 hours for approval or revisions. No payment is required during the periods of designing and approval. Once designs are approved and payment is made, you will receive your custom patch in under 14 business days. Get 10% off your order5. Unlimited Patch WorksThis is more of a sole enterprise developed by a fellow anime lover. Unlimited Patch Works offer you a lot of options for anime-themed patches. The catalog is a long read, and you can take your time to pick your best from the cheap set.•Lots of unique manga-themed patches containing popular catchphrases and puns.•Very cheap items. Only $6 for an anime-branded Hololive patches •Some patches have the option of isolating one item from the design All the patches on the website are velcro backed but they can be removed at your request. This platform does not offer custom-made patches for the time being, but they have stood out by having rare ready-made patches that would appeal to the Japanese manga fans out there. So if you are looking for a special patch that you can brag to be very rare, this is the store to get it.Check them out for a unique patch today.Get 10% off your orderConclusionThe custom patch-making industry is a big one, but when you narrow it down to those who care for anime lovers, these are your best bets. Your decision is largely yours, focus on getting quality patches with ease, and that is what most of these listed websites would provide. Do you want it embroidered or leathered? Do you want the backing Velcro, sew-on, or iron-on? Or do you want to customize your very own? Once you provide the answers to these questions, you would easily make your decision.

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June 10,2022

Have you been looking for how to get quality custom-made iron on patches all from the comfort of your home in the US? If yes, then you're in luck. We have helped you compile a list of the 6 best websites where you can order your very own patches for yourself or in bulk for an event.We will also take the help up a notch and provide you with their specifications, as well as what places each of them among the leading manufacturing companies for custom iron on patches in America. Let's get right into it.1. 4inCustomPatch4inCustomPatch is a custom patch brand aimed at client satisfaction with accurate supply and demand of easy-to-apply and well-designed iron on patches, alongside great customer service. Their custom iron on patches of all types are well known for their;•No minimum order quantity is required (all orders from 1 unit are welcomed)•Exact replication of client design•Unprecedented knock-off prices•Strength against wear and tearThe 4inCustomPatch platform has one of the best user experiences which makes ordering, customization, and payment very easy. The admirable experience during customization is supplied in the quickest time, as they create and send over your artwork for approval within 12 hours. They have made a strong name for themselves through unprecedented customer satisfaction and the production of quality patches at one of the most affordable prices you will find in the patches market. Their iron on patches has a lasting quality and best blend on our everyday materials such as cotton, polyester, and denim. Once you make your order, they provide you with an estimated delivery date once your order is complete and wait on your approval before commencing production.You can make an order now to be part of their vast customer base.Order now for 10% off2. Patches4LessJust as the name implies, the Patches4Less website prides itself on providing easily affordable patch prices. They offer one of the cheapest prices of custom iron on patches in the US. The company works to maintain an upstanding reputation for delivering inexpensive high-quality patches.•Easy to afford prices•Multiple style options•Customer satisfactionThey have highly creative graphic artists who are able to convert any picture or design you provide into very nice patches. The artists also allow for revisions of their designs before production begins, all to make sure it is to your taste.This website also shares a lot of knowledge on the blog aspect of their site. This can help you grow your knowledge of patches and help in the decision-making of the right patches to order.Order now for 10% off3. American Patch & Emblem CompanyAmerican Patch boasts of delivering its products in the states for over 2 decades and has gotten its good name by delivering quality.Their custom iron on patches is known to produce a good emblem effect on your attire Though they do not have graphic designers they have a wide variety of thread and twill colors to bring your custom designs to life.•Neat custom designs•Variety of thread and twill colors to choose from•Quality free samples provided•Fast turnaroundAmerican Patch will not have its name stained with poor products and so they provide a 30 calendar days return policy. If all terms and conditions are applicable in your return, you will get your full refund within a matter of days after an inspection, depending on your card issuer’s policies.This platform is great for your custom patches. They have good experience with a variety of customers and are very responsive.Order now for 10% off4. The StudioThe studio is a fashion brand with an amazing work ethic. They have a very huge infrastructure for the production of all the items in their catalog and they always make sure to do it with speed and accuracy. Though they are majorly focused on the fashion aspect of things, looking for ways to make people look more elite and top-notch, they also delve into the patches industry.They produce custom iron on patches in bulk at very pocket-friendly prices. Their patch designs are made by their in-house designers using your provided picture or even working hand-in-hand with you to bring out your imagination to the canvas.•Beautiful branded-looking patches•Easy way of bringing your design to life•Several optional patches upgrade to choose fromThe studio is trusted by trending global brands around the world and will treat you like royalty when you decide to be their customer. There are no hidden costs and using the website is stress-free.Order now for 10% off5. ViviPinsIf you are looking for a company to do something different and exquisite to your custom patches, you should give Vivipins a go. Structured to take on the creation of custom enamel pins, Vivipins now also produce custom iron on patches. They offer a different approach to their designs by producing fresh replicas of your intended design all in a quick time.Vivipins designers offer limitless revisions without extra pay. Their general services are great for customers and their delivery is as promised.•Fair Prices for design•Quick turnaround after designs are approved•No minimum orders limit•100% money-back guarantee in case of refundsOn this platform, they treat all their clients cordially and with the utmost respect. Once your order is approved, you will get your product within a week or two.Order now for 10% off6. Signature PatchesFormerly known as “Lapel Pins R Us Network” the signature enterprise has spread its wings into various types of creations which include patches. They look to produce patches that catch people's attention in a good way with their award-winning team of designers.Signature Promotional Group seeks to improve your brand (your signature) with its custom iron on patches. Their patches are clean and very well replicated. Their designers are very fast in converting your ideas and you will get your first draft of artwork in under 48 hours for revision.•Clean, quality replicas of your design•First draft of artwork under 48 hours•Durable iron on patchesThey are big on building customer loyalty and take every opportunity they get into bringing every new customer under their family umbrella. You do not have to pay for anything until you are completely satisfied with their service.You will receive all custom orders on patches within 14 business days or less. Order now for 10% offConclusionYou won’t find websites that can provide you with custom iron on patches as good as those listed here. Make your pick from the best options based on your preference.

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Top 5 Websites to Custom Embroidered Patches in Canada

April 09,2022

1.Custom Patch CanadaThe Custom Patch Canada is the biggest custom patch broker and distributor in Canada. They have a perfect after-sale service and they have a 30-day return policy, which means you can request a return within 30 days of receiving the item. • Custom Embroidered Patches of the Canadian flag are sold best on their website. Their custom embroidered patches come with velcro hook backing for easy carrying on any loop velcro.• PVC patches have up to 50 different styles, most of which are army type.• 3D printed patches, which are more three-dimensional and less prone to corrosion and fading.To save time, If there is no patch style you like on the website, you can click "Custom Quote", directly send the size and type to them, and then upload your pattern to get a free quote.As one of the largest resellers in Canada, the Custom Patch Canada has a huge customer base, they are good at customizing patches for teams, with years of customization experience, here you can get a high-quality custom patch at a low price. On the website you can see that they have released a lot of beautiful patches they made on ins. Click on their website to feast your eyes and place an order!2.GumtooGumtoo pursues direct and fast communication. Although there is no online patch customization system, you can directly send your design requirements to their designer mailboxes, and then they will send you design drawings as soon as possible.• Embroidered patches have a twill base on which a custom design is embroidered using threads. They can incorporate multiple colors to match your design. • Woven patches use thinner threads that are woven tightly together, giving a smooth, non-raised texture. These can incorporate detailed, intricate designs and small text.• Printed patches involve printing a photograph, design or text on twill fabric. Printed patches are cheaper to make than embroidered and woven ones.To ensure your custom embroidered patches don’t fray or unravel. They offer 2 types of borders to keep your patches looking good. Besides, they offers 3 types of backing for your custom patch. Gumtoo offers a variety of payment methods. They accept payment via debit card, credit card, PayPal, and Stripe. After you confirm the order, let them know your favored method of payment, and they will send you the transfer details. Besides, they offer expedited service and they do not charge any rush offers free patches to their clients. This sponsorship proposal is intended to all the people who own a website. Their mission is "producing beautiful, professional and durable custom embroidered patches available to everyone in Canada at affordable prices. ”• Flag patches – in times of sport competition patriotic feelings are stirred up among supporters. No a small wonder that people want to stress their nationality.• Martial arts patches – those embroidered patches will show the sport discipline in which you are involved in. You can have the name of school, its logo and even your name sew on it.• Custom embroidered patches - you can promptly apply custom embroidered patches on most textures while never requiring a needle and string. The design of custom embroidered patches on can be up to 100% embroidery. Besides, They will do their best to produce your products as fast possible – Delivery in up to 15 days!Their links to be promoted on websites that own a relatively good ranking on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Order more and save! They offer price breaks for wholesale. and they are capable of producing any embroidered patches you desire, any size, shape, color and quantity. No minimum order, it is possible to order even an order.4.STITCHY LIZARDStitchy Lizard has been in the Promotional Business since June, 2002. In addition to the wide selection of Promotional Products they offer Embroidery and Screen Printing. Their first interest is in the relationship with our customers and how they can best serve them. • Custom embroidered patches are ideal when your design has details too small for embroidery.• Lanyards With Rhinestone created out of rhinestones entirely.• PVC patch price includes up to 3 colors, design 2D on 1 side.The STITCHY LIZARD is a one stop shopping platform. The custom embroidered patches is not the only object Stitchy Lizard provided. They also provide headwear, sports uniforms and T-shirts&Apparel.Come to visit their showroom provided that have an interest in Stitchy Lizard. After all, an on-the-spot investigation may have unexpected surprises.5. 4incustompatch4incustompatch is a subsidiary of 4INLANYARDSLLC in the US. They have over 5 years experience in custom patches. The goal of 4incustompatch is to develop this technology and create a revolutionary way of online ordering.• Embroidery Custom Made Patches are very suitable for complex design.• The material of PVC Custom Made Patches are soft and will not fade.• Uniform Custom Made are widely used in schools and uniforms.You can choose your expected delivery date on 4incustompatch. The embroidered patches on their website can be chosen from 1 to 3 upgrade accessories at the same time.4incustompatch has an online preview function of the design system. In their design system, not only you can choose the shape, pattern, and text you like, but you can also choose a variety of fonts and placement methods that you like. You can also contact their designers if you are not satisfied with your design and then they will design artwork for you for free until you are satisfied. Just come and click "ORDER NOW" to customize your own patches!

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Cub Scout Pacth Placement Guidelines 2021

March 18,2022

Scouting is very much enjoyable for the young or the young at hearts. It’s the type of activity that can be enjoyed with company, whether you’re with your friends or family. You can even help other people with the skills you’ve acquired from camping and being a scout. And human survival skills are often put to use in our everyday. It feels upright to receive recognition from a series of camping challenges and activities. It’s like receiving ice cream from a hot day or salary after a long shift. It indeed gives an undeniable victorious feeling, much more if rewarded with a cub scout patch.Are you a new boy scout or a parent to a new scout? Then probably, you have a series of inquiries, especially regarding boy scout uniform patches. If that is the case, then read on.Why Wear Cub Scout Patches?Cub Patches are insignia or recognition to cub scouts. At the start of a cub scouts’ journey, they only have primary patches on their uniforms. But as they progress, they gain cub scout uniform patches that they will proudly wear on their uniforms. The different Cub Scout Patches imply their milestones and every achievement unlocked. It is, therefore, a symbol of their camping and scouting triumph. And as they gain many more cub scout patches; their rank progresses as well. If they attain a status higher than they were, it means another patch. A patch symbolizes the new position and therefore provides recognition to the person wearing it. Where to place Cub Scout Patches?Although it could be fun looking at all of the colorful patch’s children have on their uniforms, it can be complex if you don’t know where is the exact boy scout uniform patch placement. It is inevitable to know the different cub scout patch placement of each of these badges when you are a scout.A. Right Sleeve Cub Scout Patch Placement- The American Flag is located at the very top of your sleeve. Usually, it is intact with the uniform from where you purchase it, but if it falls off or is not secure, you can always sew it on the uniform. Beneath the American Flag is the den number of the scout, they usually have 6 to 8 scouts in a den. Last but not least is the “Journey to Excellence” patch.B. Left Sleeve Cub Scout Patch Placement- Along the seam, at the topmost part of your sleeve, must have your Council Emblem. Below that will be your Veteran Unit Emblem. Underneath the Veteran Unit will be your package number.C. Left Pocket Cub Scout Patch Placement- The World Crest, which indicates that the Cub Scouts of America are part of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, is positioned between the left shoulder seam and the top left pocket. On the left pocket is where you can find the badges of rank, the bobcat at the top, bear on the right side, wolf on the left side, and the tiger at the bottom of the diamond. D. Right Pocket Cub Scout Patch Placement- The Outdoor Activity Award must be located at the flap of your right pocket. You can also place all of your Summertime Pack Award on the right patch. If the scout achieves the Recruiter Patch, it is automatically pinned below the pocket. E. Webelos Uniform Badge Placement- The Webelos Uniform Patch is situated on the left pocket. The only Cub Scout badge you can wear when you are the Boy Scout Arrow Light Rank which you can put below the left pocket. F. Temporary Cub Scout Patch Placement- Yu can wear your Cub Scout Temporary Patch at the right pocket. There are many types of temporary Cub Scout Patches. These types include the following: Scout Sunday Patches, Scouting for food patches, Popcorn sales patches, Day camp patches, Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regatta, and Spice Derby Patches. Temporary Cub Scouts usually have loops so that you can hang them instead of sewing them into the pocket so that you can detach them easily. How to sew on Cub Scout Patches?There are many things to consider when talking about sewing cub scout patch placement onto your child’s uniform. Do you need to Iron them? Is it necessary to sew them? Do they ever fall off? Well, there are several options that you can choose to attach patches onto cub scout uniforms. Here are some boy scouts patch placements guide you can take note. 1. Badge Magic- A lot of people has used this to attach patches. In the United States of America, Badge Magic is rated 5 out of 5! This method proves to hold cub scout patch locations securely and would not peel off anytime, except if you peel them off forcefully, of course. 2. Hand-sew it- the most common and the classier one. You can sew it yourself, but if you are not confident with your sewing skills, you can always ask someone more of an expert when it comes to the sewing business. The prizes can vary from $1- $5, depending on the number of patches to sew. Of course, this will only be the case if you don’t know how to sew. 3. Sewing Machine- If you want to save some cash but also want to make things faster. Maybe you are in a hurry with your job or house chores. You can always use your sewing machine if you have any. But then again, if you don’t have one, maybe you want to stick with hand-sewing it yourself because a sewing machine is pretty expensive. They are under $50, but some are over $200. But it also comes with a good side. Especially, if you invest enough money to buy a good quality one, it makes things work faster, and your patches are sturdier and more secure. Effective And Easy Tips To Sew Boy Scouts’ Uniform PatchesThere are many advantages when sewing patches to the cloth. And here are some tips and easy tricks to do it like a pro:· To keep the patches, look clean and aesthetic, you can just sew through the threads at the back of the cub scout patches instead of sewing it all the way through. It gives off the feeling of seamlessness and secures it at the same time. · In sewing cub patches, use a thread with the same or similar color as the cloth where you will attach it. If you use a different color, it will not look good as it should be. · Advisably, it is necessary to choose and keep a sturdy thread to attain a well-finished sewn output. These steps will keep your cub scouts feeling not worried his patch will fall off and will maintain his confidence all throughout any activity. How do I get a custom Cub Scout Patch made?There are many places out there that you can check out, but due to the pandemic and the rise of a worldwide health scare, it is fitting to just do a little online shopping when it comes to things like these. 4inCustomPatch® offers you a great variety of different good quality custom cub scout patches. We specialize in custom ones, which means that you can freely create whatever you want and we are in charge of bringing it to life! With our professional customer service and design team, you can make patches in different shapes, colors, and forms. We can have it simple or detailed. We also do customize it in size, either big or small. Anything that you can think of. We also offer faster delivery which is very easy to navigate on our website. We also have a very fast and reliable ordering process.

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The Difference Between Woven and Embroidered Patches

March 11,2022

Are you having a hard time deciding on woven vs. embroidered patches? There’s no denying that these two types of patches have been the top most popular types of patches available in the market ever since. And both have good advantages that would give you a handful of thinking which is better between the two. So, to help you out, here are some facts and what’s not about woven and embroidered patches that you should know. What is a Woven Patch?A custom woven patch is created by stitching threads into a piece of fabric. A continuous stitching method produces a more definitive text and design output. Woven patches have a flat and smooth surface that has no raised texture. It is recommended to use woven patches if there’s a need to incorporate more intricate details in the patch. Making a woven patch starts by stitching from the top of the fabric, backing like continuous suturing. This process forms a tapestry-like illustration of your brand or logo. Woven patches are considered an aged-old style that is timeless and ideal for promoting your brand and style. A single-color thread creates a perfect clean and simple effect on the logo. You can also choose more colors or a combination of colors to have that vibrant and detailed output. All these are possible depending on your creativity in creating your logo or brand design.What is an Embroidered Patch?Custom embroidered patch is primarily a fabric badge and is a prevalent embroidery piece produced with a cloth backing and thread. Back in the day, embroidery patches were considered an old and traditional art done by hand. In the twentieth century, they started to use schiffli embroidery machines. And at present, there exist high-speed mechanisms and computerized machines that fasten embroidery patch’ production. Embroidery patch’s history portrays its elaborate and intrinsic designs of embroidery seen on robes and religious artifacts thousands of years ago. The embroidery patch has been a critical identification or symbol for military personnel and the likes in recent years. It has a significant role as a proof of identity and recognition of government employees, sports teams, organizations, and even private company sectors. Today, it has evolved to be one trendy fashion accessory.Woven Vs. Embroidered PatchThere are distinct features that anyone can identify a woven patch from an embroidered patch. These features can be subdivided into appearance, details, and flexibility. Though they can only showcase subtle differences, it is always vital to know which is which, especially when you are into a particular project for your company or organization. 1. Appearance Looking at both woven vs. embroidered patches, notice first how it looks. Observe the overall appearance of both, and you will see the difference in how its weave transpires.Embroidered Patch – It appears to be bulkier and thicker. It uses a thicker type of thread. Its weave is tight but not as close as the woven patches since it uses a thicker line and requires more space than thinner woven patches. Woven Patch - A woven patch has a much thinner thread than the embroidered patch. Using light lines makes it possible to have a tighter weave, resulting in a more detailed output. A thin thread of custom woven patches creates a more precise line with a flat surface or appearance. This results in appearing so much like a printed piece rather than woven. Overall, the thickness of the woven patch is more streamlined and thinner. 2. Details Embroidered Patch - The details of a custom embroidered patch are denser and heavier than that of the woven patch. While the embroidered patch feels thicker, it provides a lifting effect and a three-dimensional upshot. If you want to have or retain that classic look with not many details and text for your patch, you can directly go for an embroidered type.Woven Patch - The woven patch gives it an edgy and lighter advantage. If your patch project’s design is precise, with small intricate details and wordings, then pick a woven patch instead.3. Flexibility Comparing woven vs. embroidered patches’ materials and their production process, we can assess which of the two are more flexible in most aspects. Embroidered Patch – It can accommodate designs that require minimal details only. Its threads are thick and look heavy. That is why embroidered patches are not much flexible in this sense, unlike woven patches. Woven Patch – This type of patch is produced in a smaller size than the embroidered patch. As mentioned above, woven patches use thinner threads, resulting in a more detailed and flattened output. We can make woven patches smaller as to one inch in diameter. Furthermore, woven patches can be placed anywhere in or out of any clothing. It does not give a bulky feel, and it is lightweight and versatile in anyways.What is the best backing type for woven patches vs. embroidered patches?About the subtle difference in the character of embroidered vs. woven patches, we can say that both can work around the same types of backing. Here are the top three backings that most producers use for woven and embroidered patches.1. Iron-on backingOne of the easiest and quickest ways to attach a patch to garments such as bags, shirts, and pants are iron-on backing. You only need the adhesive, iron, and a piece of cloth to place between the iron and backing. Iron-on backing makes patches such as embroidered or woven sturdy and reliable. It adds density to the thickness of the patch. Though iron on backing is not a permanent fix, it can be supported by sewing the patch to the garment. Unlike other types of backing, iron-on uses a thin layer of adhesive that makes it possible to stitch in needles without any hassle. You can sew it through hand stitching or a sewing machine.2. Adhesive BackingThe adhesive backing is another quick and easy way to attach patches to clothing. Unlike the iron-on backing, you do not need any other item. You have to peel off the covering of the adhesive side of the backing and paste it directly to any part of the garment. This is an ideal way of attaching patches for those who want a quick fix for their patches.3. Velcro BackingA Velcro backing is the definite go-to if you want an easy attach and remove mechanism with your custom patches. Many customers prefer this type of patch backing because of this feature. And luckily, it never fails to give clients what they want. It takes only one time to sew in the hook and the loop side of the Velcro, and you need not do it all over again. Removing the patch from the garment with the Velcro backing before washing can help lengthen the lifespan of the patch.Additionally, with the Velcro backing, you can easily mix and match or change the attached patch at any time, provided they are in the same size and shape.With all this information, we hope you already have an idea of what is better for your organization. Rest assured that either of the two can help you attain whatever your goal. If you need expert advice and smooth and price-worthy service, you may check on the website of 4inCustompatch®.4inCustompatch® is a manufacturer of anything about patches. They are composed of well-equipped individuals dedicated to providing the best quality custom patch products. You don’t have to worry about the ordering process because their website is up-to-date and very user-friendly. It is easy to navigate and is full-packed with everything you need about patches. Check them now.

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How To Choose the Right Patch Attachment

February 24,2022

Custom patches are known to create impressions and emphasize statements. It showcases one’s personality in the best way possible. It presents tremendous rewards for business marketing efforts as well. With these gains, no wonder custom patches have been around for a long time now. Most companies use custom patches in promoting their brands and build connections with their clients. And within organizations, custom patches can also play a vital role in showing appreciation to employees. A custom patch can certainly do you well, whether for business, personal, or your workforce. Now, if you are considering bidding on these custom patch advantages, there are some things you need to consider mainly. What are these? 1. How do you want your patches to be used or worn? 2. What patch attachment method can you choose to achieve your purpose?3. Do you know the types of patch backing?4. What patch border style s applicable for your patch?How do you want to wear your patches?There are many ways and means to wear custom patches. Most people attach it to jeans, shirts, bags, jackets, hats, and others. Here are also reasons or ways why and how people use custom patches in their daily lives. · Accentuate garments – A custom patch can give a garment a little boost of attractiveness that can help you stand out. · Fix or hide holes or scratches – This is one method most people are thankful about having a custom patch to hide or fix holes in their garments. Especially when they value the item much that they cannot afford not to wear or use it anymore, custom patches can do you wonders. · Redo old and worn-out clothing – Using a custom patch is a flexible way of redecorating old apparel. A variety of styles and designs are available. Plus, the freedom to mix and match all these can bring it back to life in a second. A custom patch is a simple piece of adornment. However, there is more to it that you have to decide before ordering your personal or your brands’ custom patch. We have the design, size, as well as border style that you have to consider primarily. You also have to decide the type of patch you want to represent you or your brand since there are several patch types available in the market today. Additionally, with all the above information, there’s still another essential thing you have to decide. That is, how you’ll attach your patch based on its purpose and usage.What Are the Things to Consider in Choosing Patch Attachment Method?Choosing the right patch attachment method for your patch is vital in selecting the best patch for you. With that said, know that there are various methods on how to attach patches, available. And the method choices will be based on the purpose of your patch. So, before jumping off to your patch attachment choice, you have to consider a few things first. 1. Do you want it permanently attached?Do you want to attach your custom patch permanently without having to remove or change it at all? If so, there are options that you can consider when you choose this type of attachment method. But you have to take note that this is a permanent solution, and you may not be able to remove it whenever you want. Rest assured; its durability will be at its finest. 2. Do you want it re-attachable?That’s one good thing about patches. You can choose to have it re-attached and removed from your clothing if you choose the right method of attachment. So, if you are a fan of mixing and matching your wardrobe this one attachment method is good for you. 3. How securely attached do you want it?Do you want it to be attached faster and uncomplicated, or do you wish it to be firmly attached? Do you want to be able to attach or re-attach it quickly and easily? Identify the stability of force on how your patches are to be attached.Now that you have known and hopefully have decided on the above considerations, let us move on to the types of patch attachment methods. Be guided by the above keys to successfully decide on the ideal patch attachment method perfect for you. What are the 8 Types of Patches Backing?1. Iron-on Backing You can attach this backing by applying heat. Usually, iron patches for clothes with this kind of backing have a sticky back covered by a backing sheet or a plastic removed before applying heat. The sticky portion will be activated when supplied heat or ironed-on. This method is a permanent backing, especially for iron patches for hats, but there are ways to remove it. And there’s no guarantee that you can reuse the patch on the other items.2. Sew-on BackingThis method of backing is one of the oldest ways to connect patches to clothing. This backing type is a permanent method of attaching patches but can easily remove whenever you want. However, please take note of the damage it might cause to the garment. Though it needs time and effort, it is considered the simplest method. Most embroidered name patches and embroidery patches have sew-on backing.3. Tape Backing This method is applicable for those who want their patches to be easily removed or re-attached. This backing is best for limited or quick use of a patch. Such as when you attach it to costumes or outfits.4. Pellon Backing Pellon backing is a Pellon fabric cut of the same size and shape as the patch. It is then attached to its back to cover the threads and embroidery. Its attaching procedure considerably adds structure and definition to the overall patch look. It also supports its shape while not compromising its thickness causing hardening.5. Single Velcro This type or method of backing for patches is ideal for a military uniform where constant changes or the need to remove one patch badge for another is expected. A single-sided Velcro patch is used if the clothing already has a loop fastener. A sample of this backing method is police patches. 6. Double Velcro Another Velcro backing method is double Velcro which has two-sided Velcro. Sew the loop fastener side of the Velcro on the area of the clothing you want the patch to be attached to. The other side of the Velcro patch is already sewn or attached to the backside of the patch. This backing style is another method for those who choose to easily install and remove the patch. One sample of this method type is the Velcro patches for backpacks and Velcro name patches7. Safety Pin One of the best and easiest ways to attach patches on clothes is through a safety pin backing. A safety pin is affixed or glued on the back of the patch and is attached to the clothes. 8. Keyring This method of backing is usually seen on keyholders and the like. It has a ring that is hooked at a loop. Samples for this backing method are arm patches, name patches, and backpack patches. Patch Border StylesAnother classic consideration when it comes to deciding your patches is their border style. We have two identical border styles that customers can choose from. These are the merrow border style and the heat cut border style. 1. A merrow border style – is a border style that gives that durable, no frays, and totally clean border look for patches. It can be used for shapes such as circles, rectangles, triangles, and square patches. Merrowed border style is typically applied to embroidered patches as it enhances its vintage and classic look. 2. A hut cut border style – on the other hand, is ideal for patches that have custom shapes or geometrical standard-shaped patches. It gives sharp and well-detailed border edges for patches. This process is done by stitching at the edges and cutting off closer to the border with a laser or hot tool. The technique of cutting with a hot tool will melt the edges of the patch thus, giving a sophisticated finish. Where to Buy Custom Patches?Hassle-free, quick, and easy, that’s what online buying provides its consumers. But among online stores that offer custom patches, 4inCustomPatch® gives the most advantage. It is one of the leading custom patch manufacturers in the market today. They have a simple and easy-to-operate online customization system that supports their clients in ordering custom patches. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on delivery efficiency, customer service, and of course, product quality. So far, 4inCustomPatch® has the most abundant product variety and most proficient design system in the market.How to Order Custom Patches at Shop Custom Patches? Step 1. Design Your PatchIf you already have your patch design, you may send it to us directly. But if you have yet to decide on the specifics of your layout, you don’t have to worry. We have an efficient ordering system that will cover all the required details for your custom patch from the design, color, sizes, shapes, and backing. We all have the options ready for you. Step 2. Design ApprovalAfter you have sent us your design or filled-out or custom patch ordering system, our professional design team will send you a digital proof for your approval. You will be asked for any other ideas or comments regarding the output. We will also provide a final sample product before we start full-on production upon your confirmation. Step 3. Receive your PatchGet ready to receive your patch and be delighted at how it can impact you and your brand.4inCustomPatch® team is always ready to serve and give their best quality service to their customers. Check on their website and feel free to inquire. Ordering is certified hassle-free and smooth.

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What To Do With Patches

February 17,2022

Patches are cute. But do you know that they were used to denote military ranks years ago? Right. Patches come in different colors and shapes nowadays. These embroidery patches portray a free-spirited passion for colors, designs, and anything in between. But in the past years, they are icons that require more respect and dignity.Up until now, patches are used for military and other personnel in uniforms to denote ranks and specialized units. This also includes the people in different government organizations, sports, and even private companies. Way back thousands of years ago, colors and shapes in a patch represent a meaning or purpose. For instance, if a patch has white color, it means peace, a gold hue means generosity, while green indicates devotion. There were also animal symbols in patch designs. Such as elephants, tigers, and lions. These animals' symbol signifies bravery. In this present age, patches represent freedom, identity, and personal fashion style loudly. And innovation and adaptation became widespread and there are more ways to use patches and things to put patches on nowadays. Here are some:· DenimWhether it could be jackets or jeans, as long as it is denim, a patch is a perfect embellishment. Denim is a foolproof canvas to put a patch on. Whether it is a plain, ragged or distressed denim fabric, you can pin any colorful patches on it. It depends on you how you will style it.· BagsOne best way to tell people your kind of style or interest is to use patches on your everyday bags. Back in the ’90s, a backpack filled with patches was popular. They came in rocking schools and almost everywhere. But if you want something simple yet with the 90’s vibe, put on a patch in the front pocket of your backpack, and you are done! Tote bags are also a perfect canvas and another example of a fun-filled patch bag.· ShirtWhere to put iron-on patches? Well, another way to keep your identity loud is by putting a patch on your shirt. A colored or a printed shirt can do this trick easily. Iron or sew a patch directly to the pocket of the shirt. Position it like how you wanted. Choose a patch design that matches your personality or that will identify your choice of fashion or interest. It could help to be more creative by making the patch seem to peek at the pocket portion. But anyway, you can do the wanders and surprise everyone.· HatsHats make you look cool. And adding your signature patch would double up your coolness. Well, anyway, we are just saying that you can rock hats totally with your favorite patches on, as well.· ShoesThis patch canvas is rarely used, but we are positive that it can conclude your entire look. You can iron, glue, or even sew it on your boots or sneakers. Try putting a colorful patch on your plain shoe to spice up your plain shirt and jeans.· Phone CaseYour phone case can be your humble means to declare your interest. By way of attaching a patch to it, you can humbly shout what you wanted. Such as your fashion style, moods, or who you are. However, if you choose this as your patch canvass, you can only use glue to attach it. You cannot sew or iron it. But you can undoubtedly show off, fashionably.So, as by the above list, we can say that patches are flexible in terms of canvas and usage. Patches are also versatile when it comes to style and ways of attaching them. In the past years, people used to sew patches on clothes, jackets, jeans, etc. You can sew it through a sewing machine or by hand stitching. This procedure is a quick and durable way of attaching a patch. If not for military uniform purposes, patches are used to cover holes or worn-outs on clothes. Therefore, a patch sewn is ideal for hiding these glitches.There was also an age when people use to pin the patch. Then, Velcro came in to make patch attaching easy and a lot quicker. And today, we have a more advanced and reliable way to patch. This method is the iron-on patch. This type of patch, whether embroidered or others, is attached by applying heat to it. Hence, the easiest way at present is to affix a patch to any surface. So where to put iron-on patches? You can affix it to denim, bags, shirts, jackets, etc. This type of patch has a sticky back activated through applying heat. Some iron-on patches have back sheet attachments that you have to remove before applying heat.Now, let us know how to attach iron-on patches on jackets (for example) perfectly.Step 1. Choose your patch. Decide whether you have to cut it to match your desired shape or if you have to cover a hole that it can conceal thoroughly. Or you can leave it as it is.Step 2. Try to place the patch on the area where you want it attached. This step is to make sure you have the right size and placement of the patch on your canvas.Step 3. Set on the iron to the required temperature. In this step, you have to take into consideration the type of cloth you are to use. For example, if you are using a cotton cloth, set the iron temperature for cotton fabrics.Step 4. In order not to damage the patch, place a cloth over the top of the patch. This process will help in protecting the fabric or the patch itself from direct heat. But before that, spray a little water on the back of the patch, where the plasticity portion is located.Step 5. Press the iron flatly on top of the cloth over the patch. Hold it for 20 to 30 seconds for the best results. Make sure you are not using leather, elastic, nylon, or waterproof rainwear type of fabric. These types of fabric or material are not advisable to use with iron-on patches. This is because the heat will damage them.So, that’s it for patches and what you can do with it. Make sure to be reminded about the above points to use your patches way better.By the way, if you are looking for the best patches in town, scroll down through 4inCustomPatch®. We have a wide variety of patches in-store. We assure you of the best quality and service you can experience.

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How to Make Embroidered Patches

February 03,2022

Embroidery is a colorful form of art articulated in clothing. It is a way of creating patterns and designs in different thread colors. Embroidery can be done with the hand alone or through using a machine. An embroidered patch, therefore, is an embroidery piece that has a fabric backing. These embroidery patch designs are then attached to clothes or any fabric. According to history, the art of making embroidered patches is an old tradition. This art tradition is originally made by hand. The advancements of time and technology brought machine-made pieces that permit mass production on embroidered patches. Right now, there are more to a couple of ways how to affix embroidered patches. They can be sewn directly on fabric clothing or pinned. More advanced techniques are iron-on, velcro backing, and dry heat-activated adhesive. At present, embroidered patches are popular across many forms of lifestyle. Mostly, younger generations love to go around and make use of these colorful embellishments. But as it can present any genre and identity, groups of users can be a surprise. Consequently, the market continually displays unique and eye-catching designs of embroidered patches.Patch makers and suppliers are in great numbers present in the marketplace all the time. Choosing the perfect embroidered patches for you becomes easy. However, if you want to be a lot more unique and personally deal with what you think are the best custom patches for you, you can do it on your own!Yes! Embroidered patches may look intricate. But you can have your way to it! How to make embroidery patches can be easy. But before delving into this exciting and colorful project, here are tips you have to consider first.Choose to make it bold and simple. So, as we are making embroidered patches with our bare hands, choose an uncomplicated design. A more detailed, small, and fine specifics can make our project complicated. Remember, we are making it by hand, so opt for huge and more defined texts or shapes. This idea will also give us the privilege to display a clearer picture of our design.The color scheme is important. A pro tip to everyone out there, you must use contrasting colors of threads when you are deciding to make your own designed embroidery patch. This decision will help your design pop out and stand out. One best example of contrasting colors is black and white.Do not forget the border. A border concludes the whole thing, from keeping the loose threads concealed down to giving your design a defined frame. You have to take time to create and figure out how you can finish the overall look. Another point to make an embroidery patch and attain that perfect border for your embroidered patch is to pick that dominant color of your center design and make it your border’s thread color. In this sense, you make a complimentary perfect look for your patches.If you have decided on your embroidery patch design and thread colors, shall we now proceed to your “making embroidery patches” project? So, here are ways how to make an embroidery patch.Step 1. Gather all your materials first. You need to have the following (these are the basic embroidery materials that you need):a. Your design patternsb. Embroidery hoop/framec. Embroidery threadd. Embroidery needlese. Embroidery fabricf. Light and magnification (optional)Step 2. Decide on what part of the fabric you will put on your design. Position it on your hoop. Verify that you have the area you want your design to be inside the hoop circumference. Secure the frame lock.Step 3. Transfer your design to your embroidery fabric. There are many ways to do it, depending on the available pattern you can provide. You can trace it on the cloth, or you can draw it on the fabric directly. Make sure your design is drafted on the material.Step 4. Prepare your thread and needle. Advisably, start with the main or the center area design. This way, you can articulate it in much detail. You can use any embroidery stitches, depending on your preferences. Work all over to cover it wholly. Double-check if they are tight and sturdy enough.Step 5. If everything is fully covered, remove it from the frame and start cutting its edges to your desired shape.Step 6. Stitch in the edges to make a perfect border. Remember the above tip number 3.Easy, right? We can make it easier for you by using an embroidery sewing machine! Take on these basic and simple steps to make an embroidery patch.Step 1. Transfer your design to your fabric.Step 2. Set your embroidery sewing machine’s stitch type, length, and width. These specifics depend on your design preferences.Step 3. Sew around your fabric, covering all the desired layout.Now, let us turn these embroidered pieces into patches! You can opt to sew them directly to your fabric, but you can no longer remove them easily to transfer to another material, whether to a bag or jacket if you wish to. With that, you can choose to have it pinned instead. Attach a pin to the wrong side of your embroidered piece and pin it to your bag or jacket instantly. Another way is to use a fabric fuse or adhesive. Remove the paper sheet over the sticky side of the fabric fuse and stick it to the wrong side of your embroidered cloth. Make sure that your embroidered cloth and fabric fuse are in the same size and shape. Finally, if you have to attach it to a bag or jacket, remove the paper at the back of the patch and stick it on directly.If this sounds fun and exciting, we are on for you. But if you want it more define and professionally made, you can talk to Shop Custom Patches. We offer the best custom patches for you. We make sure to give you that satisfaction you all deserve. How? Here are 4 simple steps.a. Go to our website and choose your specifics. The details should include design or layout sample, colors, size, and the type of backing.b. Our design team will get back to you with the initial layout for your approval. c. Once the design is approved, we will then start producing your embroidered patches. d. Get ready to receive your patches right at your doorsteps. What are the advantages of having 4inCustomPatch® as your patch maker?a. Easy and fast transaction. b. Free design layout with the professional art team.c. We will give you the freedom to decide and create that perfect custom embroidered patch. d. We deliver on time. e. We guarantee customer satisfaction 100%. f. We give you the lowest bulk price offer. g. Hassle free, you just need to drop in your orders and wait for them to be delivered. Create unique, professional-looking and high-quality custom embroidered patches with 4inCustomPatch®. You can never go wrong in dealing with us.

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Military Morale Patches: What Are They and Who Wears Them

January 29,2022

Military morale patches are designed to be humorous but are indeed valuable. It boosts the spirit of those people involved in such serious jobs. Military morale patches identify and build morale towards troops, unit, division, or brigade. Although these are not professionally allowed on official military name patch uniforms, most military personnel attach this to their other military clothing and gears.Usually, morale patches are worn during deployments. But still, it depends on the commander of the unit if he will allow such. Civilians can wear morale custom uniform patches, but with careful thought not to offend those in the military and the veterans. Civilians should be cautious and thoughtful when wearing army morale patches, though they represent funny things. Military people see it as a valuable representation of their role and relationship inside a troop. What is the purpose of Morale Patches?1. It lifts the spirit and gives pride to every troop member. – Brotherhood and camaraderie are greatly practiced and embodied in the military. And by way of having a common identity amongst them give them the hopes that they are not alone in their fights. They can fight together endlessly because they have their brother with them no matter what. Though designs or prints of these patches are somewhat humorous, it likely shows how these units see their relationship as members all in one. 2. It helps in troop member identification. – They usually wear this whenever and wherever as this patch shows their pride in being part of their brigade. In times of war or on any ordinary day, it is easier for them to identify who among the people around are their associates. 3. It keeps uniformed men looking approachable. – Through their humorous looks and designs,cool military patches help them give off a friendly impression to civilians. This way, they can be more at ease with them around. History of Military Morale PatchesDating back to World War I, the British army first used morale patches and named them “battle patches” to identify their allies and enemies. By then, morale patches are greatly connected to soldiers and agents alike only. It has become one of the compelling gestures of these armed men to boost their units’ pride and morale. The use of morale patches is somewhat an indicator or symbolism of a military brigade though unofficial and humorous. This culture, they say, shows the other aspect or view of the job. But in the 1920s, this type of patch has evolved to be unique and customizable. It became popular with all walks of life. It grew as an item for trade that encourages civilians not to be afraid of these uniformed men. It was known that the 81st Division Wildcats of the US Army had created the first known morale patch. And during the Vietnam War Era was when the term “Morale Patch” was born. Morale Patches of TodayThere have been changes in patches through time, as well as with military morale patches. A long time ago, they are only for the military. But today, they have reached many other units of society. They have invaded sports such as paintball, motorcycle enthusiasts, airsoft, and many others. So, as to say they are already widespread is evident. Almost all civilians and other government groups have used morale patches in their respective agencies. It is now greatly appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts. From the embroidered to now the most acclaimed PVC patches, military morale patches have come a long way, indeed. Who wears military morale patches?1. Active Military Members – These high valor men originated the use of military morale patches. You can find unique and hilarious morale patches now in every unit of the military. 2. Civilians – There might be some restrictions in the use of military patches and as well as the military morale patches amongst the civilians. Still, there are those brave and widely outspoken enough to use these types of patches in their every day. Anyone can use morale patches but be advised to use them properly and respectively. There are some sensitive military members or veterans that might be offended by anyone wearing their patch inappropriately. 3. Military Veterans – To these retired military members, the military morale patch is one of their memorabilia of the times they fought hand-in-hand with their brothers with great strength and pride. That is why up until today, we can see war veterans wearing their valued morale patches every time. Tips on Buying Military Morale PatchesTip 1. Use Velcro. Way back when velcro was not yet prominent, military personnel used to sew these patches in their uniforms. But as they are unofficial and not allowed on military uniforms in the past, they have to remove them quickly, every time. Luckily, velcro backing came in and made their lives easier. You can peel it off whenever the needs come. Easy and very reliable when it comes to its sticking-on and off capability. With morale patches as well, velcro has been a standard when it comes to naming patches for uniforms. Tip 2. Choose designs that best reflect you or your troop. To best flaunt a morale patch, choose a layout that suits your role. This move is to show pride and honor in your character or profession. Some units pick a cheerful symbol to show that their crew is the best among the rest. Tip 3. Decide whether to have a stitched or embroidered morale patch or a PVC patch. Most morale patch users choose between embroidered and PVC types of the patch. Embroidered is a commonly used patch type, but it may show chances of wear and tears from the number of washes it undergoes, unlike PVC patches that are proven to be long-lasting and durable. You will not have problems when it comes to keeping it dry since water runs off the PVC material. Keep in mind that still, it's your choice that matters. Where to Buy Custom Military Morale Patches?When it comes to high-quality custom patches, 4inCustomPatch® is the place to go. We offer our years of experience in making custom patches as well as our expertise in design and material making. Visit our web store and check on the variety of morale patches, from custom security patches to work shirt patches, we all have what you needed when it comes to cool military patches.We at 4inCustomPatch® value on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. We maintain proper and clear communication in every transaction. We have our team to support you in any of your concerns, especially regarding design, production progress, and delivery updates. We also give suggestions and fulfill your desired layout when it comes to anything involving morale patches.

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